ZSE expects major changes in energy supplies market

15. januára 2017 16:57

Zapadoslovenska Energetika is convinced that the current energy supplies market is greatly influenced by a consumer’s changed attitude.

ZSE elektrina elektrická energia vedenie
Ilustračné foto. ZSE

The semi-state company Zapadoslovenska Energetika expects significant changes in energy supplies market in the coming period. A spokeswoman for the company, Michaela Dobosova, stated for the portal vEnergetike.sk that electricity and gas alone are no enough. „A customer wants to be surprised and desire simple service process and higher added value,“ said Dobosova. Company’s customers should also feel a so-called IT comfort in energy supplies. „We are working on a broader concept of the intelligent household, where different parts can be integrated, such as intelligent heating, lighting, appliances, various security sensors, or photovoltaic panels. Individual parts will be integrated in one central online platform which can provide information on connected devices, their performance, or consumption and enable to operate a device anytime, from anywhere and via any device connected to the Internet,“ she added.

Full story in Slovak: ZSE: Trh s dodávkami energií sa výrazne mení

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