Winter Special: Politicians without energy experts

4. februára 2016 20:13

Energy experts find the attitude of political parties toward the energy efficiency in Slovakia incomprehensible. The Association of Energy Service Providers warns politicians that if this issue is handled right, employment will increase and costs for the industry, public sector and households will be reduced.

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Energy experts are disappointed about the attitude of the political parties, which fight for votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections and have the ambition to govern this country, toward the future of energy efficiency in Slovakia. They find it incomprehensible, as all other countries understand that energy efficiency is one of the the major topics in energy, but also in policies aimed at climate change and sustainable economic growth. „The situation in Slovakia is different. Slovak political parties that will fight in the parliamentary elections and may become policy makers and may decide about Slovakia’s direction most often have no opinion on this topic, or declare general phrases. There are some exceptions,“ the chairman of the administrative board of the Association of Energy Service Providers (APES), Marcel Lauko, replied to the portal to Winter Special which maps political views on this issue.

Full story in Slovak: ZIMNÝ ŠPECIÁL: Politici bez odborných energetických kapacít

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