Will MPs override President’s veto?

12. júna 2017 17:41

Opposition MPs from SaS propose supporting „green“ electricity from the state budget.

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The last parliamentary session before the summer holidays will address also energy topics. MPs will be deciding on the amendment to the Act on Regulation in Network Industries which President Andrej Kiska refused to sign. In his decision, he pointed at areas of the approved legitimate changes that, in his view, would fundamentally weaken the independence of the the Regulation Office for Network Industries (URSO) in regard to the price regulation. Opposition MPs for SaS Jan Kissova and Karol Galek submitted to Parliament an amendment to the Act on Support for Renewable Energy Sources and Highly Efficient Cogeneration. The main aim of their amendment is to modify financing of the support scheme for electricity generation from renewable energy sources and the high efficient cogeneration of electricity and heat as well as electricity generation from national coal. They want to finance this support from the state budget.

Full story in Slovak: Prelomia poslanci prezidentovo veto?

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