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Atómová elektráreň Mochovce
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Weekly: The Wonderful Summer Days in Mochovce That Went Sour

It is hard to believe that any supervision authority around the world would grant permission to launch dangerous nuclear units.

The power plant in Mochovce experienced turbulent summer days. The last summer days, however, were excellent as the third nuclear unit passed the cold hydrostatic testing, exceeding all the expectations, said those responsible for the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit in Mochovce. The launch of the third nuclear unit would be impossible without passing the cold hydrostatic testing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the head of Slovenske Elektrarne praised in front of people at the end of August.

However, later someone noticed that the never-ending construction could finally be brought to an end. The wave of criticism over the safety of the new nuclear unit followed. The average Slovak citizen slowly started to have the impression that we are not building entirely clean energy source that will bring a lot of money to the state budget, but a nuclear bomb that may explode directly under our Slovak bottoms once it is officially opened.

It is hard to believe that any supervision authority around the world liable for overseeing difficult construction such as the nuclear unit is would let something like that happen, even in Slovakia. The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (UJD) admitted shortcomings several times. However, the authority always demanded their removal. It has never concealed any identified shortcomings. It is true that they were not shouted to the public, but those who wanted could easily find them on the regulator’s website.

Slovenske Elektrarne had to make many repairs in connection with Mochovce project. Therefore, the deadlines have been postponed repeatedly. The management of the project under Italian leaders was unprofessional several times. Can anyone imagine that a person from UJD would dig his own grave with its lax approach just because of a loose screw?

Several tests and revisions must be carried out prior to the launch of nuclear units. Let’s keep an eye on them. Let’s demand professionalism and openness from the competent ones. But let’s stop frightening the others as the construction of the nuclear power plant is a serious matter, regardless our support for such projects.

Author is an editor-in-chief of the portal vEnergetike.sk.


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