Weekly: What in return?

23. novembra 2015 11:22
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico wants to sign the memorandum on the option to purchase a 17-percent stake in Slovenske Elektrarne with both, an old and a new owner. Affected parties allegedly agree. Will the old expression something for something be used in this case?

Slovenské elektrárne SE
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Prime Minister has indicated this move since it came to the light that the Italians have enough of the energy business in Slovakia. Increasing the state’s stake in the power utility Slovenske Elektrarne would confirm Prime Minister’s plans to strengthen the state’s position in energy companies. Enel’s CEO also understood his words as he announced in London that this Slovak government’s approach is quite logical. However, he also said that there is no conflict in signing the memorandum and this is also understood by a potential new owner of the power utility. De facto he confirmed that they all are ready to sign the memorandum which will guarantee a majority to the state provided it is interested in increasing its stake. After statements given by both leaders, there is a question what will be given in return. The idea that EPH will just agree with an option that may get the company into a position of minority player in Slovenske Elektrarne must put a smile on everyone’s face.

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