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Weekly: Silly deadline and useless voucher?

Slovak households that have expressed interest in state subsidies for small-scale RES will soon receive their vouchers which must be used within 30 days. Their solar panels can thus be built also during Christmas.

Slovaks are not „green barbarians“ after all. It seems that even our nation wants to contribute to greener environment. A huge interest of Slovak households in state aid for the purchase and installation of small-scale renewable energy sources (RES) proves this. Although it is obvious that without subsidies Slovaks’ interest in green power plants would be trivial, let’s enjoy the fact that vouchers have been given away briskly in the first round. The question is whether Slovak households were not too hasty. It is true that their „green desire“ had suffered for a long time, since the preparations for subsidies had taken several years, but they have not realized one thing in their pursuit for state money. Vouchers for the purchase and installation of small-scale RES must be used within 30 days. Otherwise, the voucher becomes invalid and the next person on the list gets this support.

Full story in Slovak: TÝŽDENNÍK: Blbý termín a zbytočný šek?


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