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Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga MH
Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga (Smer-SD). SITA
27. septembra 2016 9:33 OstatnéNews in English od vEnergetike.skMartin Dargaj/mz

Weekly: Ridiculous Shareholder?

Imagine that you hold one-third share in the company and there are two other shareholders, but you have no idea about the final budget for the investment worth several billions. This is what the economy ministry claims in case of the completion of two nuclear blocks in Mochovce. This approach is taken towards journalists and people. Economy Minister Ziga announced last week that he was still waiting for the analysis which would show whether and how much the costs for completion of Mochovce blocks would increase. The launch of the third block is scheduled for the next year.

There are two possibilities. The ministry may have incapable people in the bodies of Slovenske Elektrarne, which is completing nuclear blocks, who mumble something incomprehensible about electricity and nuclear energy when informing about the state of Mochovce nuclear blocks. The minister should appoint people who would at least bring useful information on the situation in the company if they are unable to push through the state interests. But they are just sitting mindlessly and eating sandwiches during the general meetings. If this is not true and the ministry has skilled representatives in Slovenske Elektrarne, then he must know whether and how much the budget for Mochovce will increase. It is hard to believe that one-third shareholder still does not know the final budget for the completion of two nuclear blocks in Mochovce a few months before the completion of one of them. This would be quite a ridiculous shareholder.

The question remains why minister obviously buy the time by repeatedly saying – we are waiting for the analysis from an expert group. Are the last good deals being split? Probably not, this would be big conspiracy. All shareholders are probably trying to find a good time and way to announce this “happy” news about the necessity of additional millions of euros to the public.


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