Weekly: Police is searching for offenders

19. októbra 2015 15:12
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

The police have accused five former state managers of Vodohospodarska Vystavba of violating their duty when administering someone else’s property.

Ilustračné foto. pixabay.com

Italians, who control Slovenske Elektrarne, can breathe easily for now. The police have added information that the accusations concern former managers of the state-owned company Vodohospodarska Vystavba following media’s interest in this matter. They allegedly carried out unfair practices before Enel’s entry into Slovakia’s largest electricity producer. Italian Enel has not yet escaped this game of cops and robbers. At least, the company will have to be ready for the situation if the accusations are proved, the state will have an ace up its sleeve in trials worth hundreds of millions euros which started after cancelling the lease contract on Gabcikovo hydropower plant signed by Vodohospodarska Vystavba and Slovenske Elektrarne shortly before the arrival of Italian investor.

Full Story in Slovak: TÝŽDENNÍK: Kriminálna ústredňa pátra

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