WEEKLY: Forget the past, New Year has come

4. januára 2016 15:01
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

Slovak energy sector will face several challenges in 2016, including completion of Mochovce NPP, the new regulatory policy and parliamentary elections.

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The sale of Slovenske Elektrarne is likely to culminate in silence also in early 2016. Energy companies which are supervised and regulated by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries will also be curious to see the final regulatory policy which will be valid for the next regulatory period. The regulator has already announced that the regulation of energy prices for households and small businesses would not be scrapped. The upcoming parliamentary elections may change the regulation of energy prices. The elections in March will show what government Slovakia will have in the coming years. While some parties promote the regulation of energy prices beyond questions, other would scrap it without slight hesitation. Being a member of the European Union, Slovakia is also facing challenges of geopolitical nature. We will also see how our European Energy Commissioner will manage to push through the idea of Energy Union. Finally, it will be interesting to see how the Slovak gas pipeline project Easting, already backed by the EU, will make progress in 2016.

Full story in Slovak: TÝŽDENNÍK: Čo bolo to bolo, terazky nás už čaká nový rok

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