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Weekly: Energy (Dis)agreements Of Elected Politicians

The Slovaks have once again chosen their Parliament – people who will make decisions about our country. Negotiations among successful political parties to form a new government started last week. There is a struggle over the post of Prime Minister who will lead the nation to better future during next four years. Political parties have started presenting their conditions under which they are willing to walk in the lion’s den and try to change some systems. Everyone wants to tackle health, education and corruption. These are the most urgent topics that trouble entire Slovakia. Energy sector will be the last topic discussed although nothing ever would work without it – health, education, or economy. Only corruption would survive even without energy.

Plans and no-plans

Energy plans of our political parties for the next four years are not revolutionary. Some political parties summed up them in one sentence in their programs. Political parties which were in the opposition call for changes at the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO). They want to replace the head of the Office who they claim is an unskilled manager. He deteriorates conditions for energy players on the market. Right-wing parties, except SNS, would like to sell the remaining state energy assets (to bigger or smaller extent). On the contrary, SNS, would like to see the state to acquire some assets. Some politicians disagree with the regulation of energy prices and other politicians oppose to the heat act which limits the El Dorado in the construction of boiler houses. One party which got to the Parliament, despite having plans for the seat of Prime Minister, disapproves of the completion of Mochovce NPP. However, given the power from voters, Mochovce NPP does not need to worry about its future. And of course, all politicians talk about the necessity of energy safety and diversification.

„Energy experts“ are back

These are the energy plans of political parties that will be part of the Parliament. Not much, but the energy sector, on the other hand, may be quite satisfied. There is nothing worse than when a politician does not know the difference between electricity and gas, but is willing to convene a press conference on the energy topic or energy company without even knowing the names of its shareholders, only to appear on the TV. Although several „energy experts“ got to the Parliament, since they are known by people and journalists, it will be easier to ignore them. Let’s all those who stick their nose in the energy sector keep fingers crossed to avoid the energy sector being politically and shamefully abused.

The author is editor-in-chief of the portal vEnergetike.sk.


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