Uranium exploration close to Kosice is likely to end

17. apríla 2015 6:20
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

The environment ministry has not extended permission for the exploration of uranium deposits in locality Jahodna-Kuliskova nearby Kosice.

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The environment ministry will definitely not extend the permit for the exploration of uranium deposits in the locality Jahodna-Kuliskova nearby Kosice. Environment minister Peter Ziga informed journalists on Thursday, saying that this is the end of 10-year period which traumatised residents in this region. „The exploration will definitely be closed in the locality from Monday,“ he said. Ziga also announced that the country is prepared for the risk of potential arbitration by the company Ludovika Energy which asked for extension. „We are not afraid of arbitration or courts. We have proceeded in line with applicable laws,“ minister Ziga said.

Full story in Slovak: Prieskum uránu pri Košiciach zrejme končí

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