Unsettled privatization of Slovenske Elektrarne still haunts

7. októbra 2015 15:24
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

Italian Enel and the state failed to settle privatisation of a 66-percent stake in Slovenske Elektrarne after almost ten years. This fact can play an important role in the sale of Slovenske Elektrarne.

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Exclusive negotiations between Italian Enel and Czech energy group Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (EPH) on the sale of a majority 66-percent stake in Slovenske Elektrarne are ongoing. They have lasted for more than a month. It is yet unclear how the sale of a Slovak dominant electricity producer will end. One thing is certain. The state and Italian Enel must settle privatization from 2006 when the state retained a 34-percent stake in Slovenske Elektrarne. They agreed in the privatization process that once transaction documents are concluded, they will take a close look at Slovenske Elektrarne’s final value. This means whether the state will return a part of the purchase price of 840 million euros to Italians, or Italian investor will pay an additional sum for the power utility. Although there were a number of proposals on the table by both sides, no agreement has been reached after almost a decade.

Full Story in Slovak: Nevyrovnaná privatizácia elektrární stále straší

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