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Unique Award for Energy Efficient Projects Is Back. Have You Already Registered?

The competition EFEKTIA will award the best energy efficiency projects for already the second time. Do not miss this chance.

The effective use of energies has been one of the major agendas of the European Union for many years, but it is becoming topical also in Slovakia and it is well-founded. Using energies is not just about cutting the costs, but it directly affects the competitiveness of private companies and public facilities. It also increases the quality of living standards and contributes to the environment protection. The competition EFEKTIA was announced with the ambition to increase the awareness of progressive towns, villages, organisations and companies which contribute to the effective use of energies by implementing their projects.

Both registered projects and the winning projects have this unique opportunity to set positive examples for many others. The best projects will receive a certificate confirming that the applicant carries out all activities responsibly, reduces energy costs and contributes to the improvement of the environment.
Forty five projects enrolled in the competition last year. Their improvement in energy efficiency led to the annual saving of almost 900,000 euros. „The main EFEKTIA prize was awarded to the renovation of Samuel Blum Psychiatric Sanatorium in Plesivec in 2017. The sanatorium has no debts and has a positive economic result. The esthetical and ecological situation of the entire place has improved dramatically thanks to modernisation of the facilities. The stabilisation of energy economy has contributed significantly to an improvement in the economic results of the sanatorium in the time when the healthcare is struggling with underfunding. The project sets a positive example of a contribution of guaranteed energy service (GES), for both the operation and the entire society,“ said Marcel Lauko, the chairman of the administration council of APES-SK.

EFEKTIA 2018 was given a sub-title Freer Hands for Public Sector which indicates and explains recent positive changes in the funding rules for the renovation of public buildings and facilities. Under the new rules, the investments in reducing energy consumption via guaranteed energy services will not burden the public sector.

Two categories – The Best Project of Energy Efficiency in Public Sector and the Best Project of Energy Efficiency in Private Sector – were announced in the second year of the competition EFEKTIA 2018. A jury may give a special award for the innovation or guaranteed energy savings in each category.
Have you successfully completed the project in energy efficiency? Do not hesitate and submit your project until September 30, 2018. The winners will be announced at the gala dinner.

Business entities, state and public institutions, villages and towns across Slovakia which carried out an energy efficiency project in the period from May 2015 to May 2018 and were not registered in the previous year can enrol. Slovenske Elektrarne is the General Partner of EFEKTIA. All information is available on APES website.


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