Unfinished Transpetrol case

18. septembra 2017 17:49

In Transpetrol case, an order by an expert from the healthcare department – psychiatry – to carry out expert evidence was set.

Ignác Ilčišin Transpetrol
Ignác I. v apríli 2009 informoval novinárov, že sa stal novým šéfom predstavenstva spoločnosti Transpetrol. SITA

The Transpetrol case at the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic has not come to an end. The trial with Jan H., one of the accused was scheduled for Wednesday. However, it was cancelled following an order by an expert from the healthcare department – psychiatry – to provide expert evidence, a spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, Boris Urbancik, informed. The second accused, Ignac I., has already attended one examination with a specialist on September 7. “Regarding the difficulty and complexity of the investigation, it is impossible to stabilize his condition entirely and reliably after one examination and therefore another appointment was scheduled for October 13,“ a spokesman added. The court has previously adjourned several trials due to health problems of the accused, Jan H. and Igor I. In November 2016, the court ruled that the trials against them will be separated. Jan H. informed the court about his long-term health problems caused by stroke.

Full story in Slovak: Kauza Transpetrol stále nie je ukončená

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