Transpetrol to reach projected profit despite disruptions

10. januára 2017 16:54

Slovakia’s crude oil carrier recorded a decline in the volume of oil shipments due to the problem in the Czech Republic.

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Transpetrol’s performance is expected to be stable last and this year. Slovak gas carrier expects its gross profit to reach 6 million euros both years. Transpetrol informed that it would achieve the projected profit for the year 2016 despite crude oil shipments disruptions to the Czech Republic. „Last year we recorded a decline in gas shipments due to unexpected problems of our customers, mainly in the Czech Republic. However, we have taken measures to reduce costs to mitigate the negative impacts related to the lower supplies on the company’s performance. Thanks to adopted measures and partial stabilization of oil transport we expect to achieve the projected profit,“ Transpetrol, which achieved 5-year high in gas shipments volumes in 2015 when it transported over 9.9 million tons of oil, informed.

Full story in Slovak: Transpetrol dosiahne plánovaný zisk aj napriek výpadkom v dodávkach ropy

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