The current management structure of regulator won’t change

25. mája 2016 13:14

MPs disagreed with the proposal submitted by SaS opposition MPs and the amendments to energy acts did not get the second reading.

Národná rada SR SITA

The management structure of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) will not go through any significant changes in the near future. Changes proposed by the opposition MPs representing the party SaS, Karol Galek, Jana Kissova and Ivan Miroslav will not be implemented. They proposed to abolish the regulator’s current management structure and establish a new one via the amendments to the energy acts. The plenary of the National Council disagreed with their proposal and the amendments did not get the second reading. The main goal of the changes was to achieve greater transparency in the regulation process in network industries, opposition MPs justified their initiative.

Full story in Slovak: Súčasná štruktúra vedenia regulátora sa meniť nebude

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