Tens of millions paid for nuclear waste disposal

27. apríla 2016 18:18

Electricity consumers are to pay almost 71 million euros for decommissioning nuclear installations and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste via this year’s bills. It was more than 67 million euros last year.

Bohunice elektráreň atómová SE
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Slovak electricity consumers support electricity production from the renewable energy sources and national coal, but also disposal of nuclear waste via their bills. The final account of the economy ministry of the Slovak Republic showed that electricity consumers spent more than 64 million euros for this purpose last year which is roughly 3 million euros less than the year before. According to the approved state budget of the public administration, we are to pay almost 71 million euros for nuclear waste disposal in electricity prices this year. In the next two years, it should still be roughly 1 billion euros more.

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