Stredoslovenska Energetika possibly with better figures

12. januára 2017 20:29

SSE’s market share in electricity supplies has been levelled off for already several years, says the head of the company’s Board of Directors Office, Michaela Kriva.

Elektrická energia SSE elektrina
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The company Stredoslovenska Energetika (SSE) expects better performance in 2016 compared to 2015.  SSE expects last year’s revenues to reach 700 million euros and the net profit around 75 million euros. In terms of the revenues, it is an increase by almost 20 million euros year-on-year. The net profit rose by approximately 23 million euros. „We are the second largest electricity supplier in Slovakia. After moderate declines which followed the market liberalization, our market share in electricity supplies has been stabilized for several years,“ the head of SSE’s Board of Directors Office, Michaela Kriva, informed the portal The company has recently recorded an increased number of customers who return back after having an experience with a different supplier.

Full story in Slovak: Stredoslovenskí energetici si zrejme polepšili

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