State yet without information on Mochovce NPP final budget

20. septembra 2016 20:15

The economy ministry is waiting for an analysis from Slovenske Elektrarne which is expected to give an answer to the final budget for the completion of two nuclear blocks.

Ziga ministerstvo hospodárstva vláda
Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga

The economy ministry is yet unable to say whether the completion of the third and fourth nuclear unit in Mochovce will require more funds and whether deadlines will be met in spite of the fact that it holds a 34-percent share in Slovenske Elektarne, the company responsible for this project. Economy Minister Peter Ziga informed journalists on Tuesday that his ministry was still awaiting the analysis on completion of nuclear units from Slovenske Elektarne. „It’s their turn. Slovenske Elektarne is expected to provide the ministry with the schedule for further procedures to complete Mochovce  NPP as well as the cost structure,“ said Ziga. He did not specify when the ministry could receive this analysis.

Full story in Slovak: Štát stále nevie, či a o koľko sa Mochovce predražia

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