State strengthens its position in regulatory authority

15. marca 2017 17:56

Under the amendment to the Regulatory Act, the appointment of the chairman of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries will be in hands of the government, but the President of the Slovak Republic.

Ministerstvo hospodárstva SR
Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga. SITA

The government will strengthen its influence in the control and operation of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO). Under the amended to the Act on Regulation in Network Industries, presented by Economy Minister Peter Ziga after the government’s session on Wednesday, economy and environment ministry will regain the right to comment on Office’s pricing decisions. Under the amendment, the appointment of the Office’s chairman will only be in hands of the government. „The Office will remain an independent authority,“ Minister Ziga promised. Ziga says that the ruling coalition decided that the Office’s chairman will no longer be appointed by the President of the Slovak Republic based on the government’s proposal, but the government itself after through consideration. „The practice has showed that the government is held responsible for the Office’s steps, and therefore it is logical to place responsibility for the chairman’s appointment on the government,“ said Ziga. Minister also backs returning powers to the economy and environment ministry. The economy ministry will comment on pricing decisions concerning heat, gas and electricity and the environment ministry water.

Full story in Slovak: Štát si pri regulačnom úrade posilňuje svoju pozíciu

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