State-owned Bratislavska Teplarenska lost million-lawsuit

22. októbra 2015 13:55

Bratislavska Teplarenska heating plant will definitely have to pay at least 28.7 million euros to Paroplyn Holdings Limited which is in Penta’s portfolio.

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A 13-year dispute between Bratislavska Teplarenska heating plant and Paroplyn Holdings Limited, which is the part of Penta’s portfolio, is nearing the end. The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic has already delivered its decisions on rejection of extraordinary appeals submitted to the court by the prosecutor general as well as the heating company to the state-owned heating plant. Decisions came into effect once delivered. The state-owned company must thus prepare for an unpleasant obligation. Under courts’ decisions, it will be obliged to pay at least 28.7 million euros for unconsumed heat from Bratislava-based Paroplynovy Cyklus.

Full Story in Slovak: Štátna tepláreň prehrala miliónový súdny spor. Teplo dodajú.

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