State Does Not Want to Let Italians Leave Slovenske Elektrar

23. marca 2015 13:33

Prime Minster Robert Fico informed Italian company Enel that unless the nuclear power plant Mochovce is finished, the state will not agree to the sale of Enel’s majority 66-percent share in Slovenske Elektrarne.

Premiér Robert Fico
Premiér Robert Fico SITA

The sale of a 66-percent stake in the power utility Slovenske Elektrarne by Italian energy group Enel is getting complicated. State, which holds a remaining 34-percent stake in the power utility, is likely to create obstacles for the sale of Slovak dominant electricity producer. Prime Minister Robert Fico says that uncompleted two nuclear blocks in the nuclear power plant are behind. „A condition that we presented to Enel’s highest representatives is that we will not cooperate with them as a state and will not create conditions for the sale of their 66-percent stake unless the third and block blocks in Mochovce are finished. We have defined this condition clearly to the Italian management at the meeting held a month-and-a-half ago. If Italian company starts selling its stake in Slovenske Elektrarne now, the completion (editor’s note – of Mochovce) will be halted entirely,“ Fico said in the programme called Saturday Dialogues broadcast by RTVS.

Full story in Slovak:Štát nechce pustiť Talianov zo Slovenských elektrární

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