SSE-D admits millions-worth loss due to green energy support

19. januára 2017 13:16

Stredoslovenska Energetika – Distribucia reveals a loss of 230 million euros.

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Following the company Vychodoslovenska Distribucna, Stredoslovenska Energetika – Distribucia is another distribution company which has admitted having piled-up problems in regard to the support scheme for the renewable energy sources (RES) and combined heat and power (CHP). Stredoslovenska Energetika – Distribucia has disclosed the loss accumulated over the several years caused by green electricity and domestic coal mining support scheme. „We are facing proved and outstanding historical debts amounting to approximately 230 million euros due to the deficit tariff for the operation of the system paid by the consumers for the renewables and domestic coal mining,“ a spokesman for Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding, Daniel Castvaj, said. EPH is a 49-percent shareholder of SSE-D.

Full story in Slovak: Ďalšia distribučka priznala miliónové straty pre systém podpory zelenej energie

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