SPECIAL: Will regulation of prices continue?

4. mája 2015 15:46
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

Slovakia’s energy regulator is slowly working on a new regulatory policy which will come into effect in 2017. It seems that the office will regulate energy prices for households and small companies also in the new regulatory period.

Ceny energií
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The year 2016 is the last year when the present regulatory policy adopted in 2011 is valid. Several suppliers of electricity and gas would certainly like to know the attitude of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) on the further regulation of energy prices. Especially as debates on whether the energy supplies market is sufficiently liberalized so that the regulation of energy prices could be relaxed as most as possible, or abolished completely started when adopting the current regulation policy. The regulatory authority is preparing for the adoption of the new regulatory policy which will come into effect at the beginning of 2017. First statements indicate that significant changes will be made in regulation of energy prices.

Full story in Slovak:ŠPECIÁL: Bude pokračovať regulácia cien energií?

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