Special: Whip on defaulters in Slovakia

22. mája 2015 15:04
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

The Slovak Regulatory Office for Network Industries is considering introducing credit measuring systems. Electricity and gas meters would work only with prepaid credit.

Elektromer elektrina dodávky energií
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Slovakia is one of the countries where the electricity and gas arrears are common. No wonder, since according to the data provided by the Statistics Office, 660, 000 Slovaks are under threat of poverty. The Slovak Regulatory Office for Network Industries in Slovakia has come up with the idea to protect suppliers from defaulters. It is suggesting distribution companies to introduce so-called measuring systems – electricity and gas meters with prepaid credits, similarly to mobile phones.

Full story in Slovak: ŠPECIÁL: Na Slovensku sa chystá bič na neplatičov

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