SPECIAL: This cabinet will not win energy poverty fight

23. novembra 2015 13:29
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

The concept of the fight against energy poverty will be updated and submitted to the cabinet by the end of 2016. It means that the new government will combat energy poverty.

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Energy bills constitute a considerable portion of the family budgets. Some Slovaks even suffer from so-called energy poverty. Low income citizens simply cannot afford this „luxury“ – the purchase of electricity, gas or heat. The concept of the fight against energy poverty was expected to bring a solution to their uneasy situation. Although the current cabinet discussed energy poverty once, it let the next cabinet tackle with this problem. Could the reason be that the government wants to continue „guaranteeing“ low energy prices not only to poor but also rich Slovaks, or the complexity of this topic, everyone can make up their own mind.

Full Story in Slovak: ŠPECIÁL: Boj s energetickou chudobou už táto vláda nevyhrá

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