SPECIAL: Elected parties reflected energy in their agenda

7. marca 2016 12:39
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

Political party SaS offers the vastest energy agenda for the Parliament, while Siet is questioning the importance of Mochovce NPP completion.

Národná rada SR NR
Národná rada SR. SITA

People chose their new Parliament on Saturday. Eight political parties have a chance to show people how to lead our country. We examined their energy sector agenda. Some have clearly defined energy plan, while some only have the official stance summarized in one or two sentences. Right-wing parties want to make changes at the the Regulatory Office for Network Industries. Some parties would like to sell energy companies to the investors and others would like to see shares in energy company back in state hands. There is also one political party which doubts the necessity to complete Mochovce NPP. We offer the most interesting points in parties’ election programs.

Full story in Slovak: ŠPECIÁL: Zvolené politické strany mysleli aj na energetiku

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