Some energy companies failed to meet quality standards

24. apríla 2017 16:07

Energy companies paid over 253,000 to consumers for failing to meet quality standards.

Euro peniaze energetika všeobecne Ilustračné foto

Some energy and water companies doing business in Slovakia have failed to meet their obligation towards the Office for Regulation in Network Industries (URSO) this year and have not submitted a report on compliance with quality standards for the past year. Less than 300 energy and water companies out of approximately 1,200 have failed to meet their obligation. Quality standards must be kept by companies so that customers get adequate quality for the price paid for electricity, heat or natural gas. The Office stated in its report that energy companies had to pay over 253,000 euros to their customers for failing to meet quality standards in 2016.

Full story in Slovak: Niektoré energofirmy nedodržali kvalitu. Museli platiť odškodné.

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