Slovnaft carries on with modernization of petrol stations

24. augusta 2017 15:48

Bratislava-based refinery has given a facelift to 175 petrol stations, which is roughly 70 percent of its total number of 253 petrol stations.

Čerpacia stanica spoločnosti Slovnaft

The company Slovnaft has invested almost 70 million euros in its retail network over the past ten years. Bratislava-based refinery has drawn its attention particularly to the modernization of its petrol stations over the last six years. „We have modernized 175 out of 253 petrol stations, which is roughly 70%. Other stations are gradually being given a new design,“ Anton Molnar, a spokesman for Slovnaft informed the portal Almost two years ago, Slovnaft introduced a new concept of the refreshment sale at its petrol stations called Fresh Corner. At the moment, there are 87 Fresh Corner stores. „We plan to build another 25 Fresh Corner stores by the end of the year. We expect the transformation of stores into Fresh Corner concept to be completed by the end of 2019,“ Molnar added.

Full story in Slovak: Slovnaft pokračuje v miliónových investíciách do modernizácie čerpačiek

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