Slovenske Elektrarne Plans No Redundancies

22. júna 2017 20:39

Slovakia’s dominant electricity producer is in talks with the government on changes to the Act on National Nuclear Fund.

Slovenské elektrárne vodná elektráreň
Čierny Váh – elektráreň a dolná nádrž.

Slovakia’s dominant electricity producer Slovenske Elektrarne continues with rationalization. The chairman of Slovenske Elektrarne’s Board of Directors, Bohumil Kratochvil, informed the Slovak journalists at the international conference Atomexpo 2017 in Moscow that rationalization will not affect employees. „I have found experts in Slovenske Elektrarne. What needs to be changed is, however, the culture in the company since it’s not what we need at the moment. We are seeking ways to reduce costs since currently we are at the verge of cost-effectiveness,“ Kratochvil said. In his opinion, a new organization structure is being designed. “From my point of view, it has too many management levels. It will not be about the numbers of people and costs per workforce, but rather rationalization of things that follow up,“ added Kratochvil, saying that back-end fuel cycle costs are the major topic.

Full story in Slovak: Slovenské elektrárne prepúšťať nebudú. Sú však na hranici rentability.

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