Slovenske Elektrarne plans to build covers in Bohunice

14. novembra 2016 16:19

Seismic-resistant covers will protect mobile diesel aggregates.

Mobile diesel generator Slovenské elektrárne jadrová energia Bohunice
Mobilný dieslový generátor

Slovenske Elektrarne (SE) is enhancing the safety of its nuclear power stations. The company plans to build seismic-resistant covers for a mobile electricity source for two nuclear units in Jaslovske Bohunice. Mobile diesel aggregates are currently placed on an uncovered hard surface. „We have identified this shortcoming within stress tests which followed the Fukushima incident,“ SE informed in a notification already submitted the environment ministry’s experts. Seismic-resistant covers for 0.4 kV mobile diesel aggregates are expected to erect for each nuclear unit in Jaslovske Bohunice. They are important in case of the failure of standard electricity sources.

Full story in Slovak: Elektrárne plánujú v Bohuniciach postaviť kryty

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