Slovenske Elektarne concerned about loss-making Novaky PP

9. septembra 2016 14:53

Slovakia’s largest electricity producer Slovenske Elektarne is still in talks with state authorities on maintaining electricity production at the coal-fired power plant Novaky.

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The coal-fired power plant Novaky has received another blow. Besides low market electricity price and the necessity of the investments in ecology worth tens of millions, this time the blow comes from the Regulatory Office for Network Industries. Slovenske Elektrarne, which operates the coal-fired power plant in Novaky, blames the new decree in power sector which is introducing the new price calculation for electricity production from domestic coal in Upper Nitra.  Slovenske Elektrarne is convinced that the loss of the power plant may climb by 50 million euros as a result of the new calculation. Slovenske Elektrarne warns that the power plant will be shut down in early 2017. A spokeswoman for Slovenske Elektrarne, Janka Burdova, informed the portal that the regulatory authority had not yet accepted their comments. She added that the talks with the competent national authorities were ongoing.

Full Story in Slovak:  Elektrárne sa boja stratových Novák. Od nového roka ich možno zatvoria.

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