Slovaks with the largest emissions deal in China

6. júna 2016 17:52

The company has become the third largest trader on China’s Shenzhen and the largest foreign emission trader in China.

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The company Virtuse Energy inked its biggest deal with emission permits this year. The company sold 63,000 tons of emission permits for over 100,000 euros. Although this is not an exceptional volume for China compared to the European market, the value of this transaction several times exceeded the average volume on the Chinese exchange. „We made a deal with a local panel display producer at the Emission Exchange in Shenzhen. The transaction accounted for almost 20% of the capacity of the entire province. Therefore, it was noticed by the emission market in China. In the past, we already had several successful transactions, but this one is our ticket into the first league,“ said the owner of the company Virtuse Energy, Rastislav Vasilisin.

Full story in Slovak: Slovákom sa podaril v Číne najväčší obchod s emisiami

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