Slovakia with highest gas transit to Europe since 2013

12. augusta 2016 10:07

Over the past days, the company Eustream has been transporting more than 180 million cubic meters of gas per day from Ukraine via Velke Kapusany. According to the company, this situation proves the importance of our transmission system.

Plyn plynovod eustream
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Gas transit via Slovakia has increased sharply over the past days. Daily gas supplies from Ukraine to Western Europe are amounting to more than 180 million cubic meters, the figures achieved at the end of 2013. This situation has been caused by the technological shutdown of Nord Stream gas pipeline which has not been transporting gas to Europe for several days. According to Eustream, this situation proves the importance of our transmission system and the whole central corridor for reliable natural gas supplies to Europe. Nord Stream will remain shut until August 17. Eustream has also recorded an increased volume at the reverse flow to Ukraine which has been used almost to 100% as Ukraine is piling up gas stocks before the winter season.

Full story in Slovak: Do Európy prepravujeme najviac plynu od roku 2013. Môže za to vypnutý Nord Stream

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