Slovakia Spent 7.6 Mln Euros on Nuclear Supervision

2. mája 2016 10:22

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic carried out more than 200 inspections last year which proved that Slovak nuclear power plants are reliable and safe.

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Slovakia spent more than 7.6 million euros on the supervision over nuclear facilities last year. This is the sum spent by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority last year. The report on Authority’s activities shows that almost all money was used to fund its usual activities. More than 420,000 euros were spent on acquiring capital assets.
The Authority carried out more than 200 inspections last year, while 160 were scheduled and 42 unscheduled. As many as 195 inspections were completed with a record, without negative findings. Seven inspections were followed by a protocol, which is a 50-percent decline compared to the last year. Inspections identified 20 shortcomings last year.

„The number of identified shortcomings shows that they tend to decline. Thanks to rigorous and thorough inspection activities, we have significantly contributed to the prevention of higher safety of nuclear facilities and to maintenance of permanently high level of nuclear safety at nuclear facilities,“ stated the Authority. The Authority did not impose any fine, limit the scope or validity of the permit, or stop the operation of any nuclear facility last year. Slovak nuclear power plants were reliable and safe, announced the Authority.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority is a central body of the state administration. It performs the state supervision over nuclear safety of nuclear installations in order to use nuclear energy safely without jeopardizing people’s health, damaging property or environment. It prepares and issues generally binding directives in the field of its competence and sets requirements for nuclear safety of nuclear installations.

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