Slovakia: No reverse-flow key gas pipeline for Ukraine

26. marca 2015 18:11

Prime Minister Robert Fico is convinced that gas supplies from Slovakia to Ukraine through the main gas pipeline would mean a breach of contractual conditions with the Russian Federation.

Robert Fico plynovod Vojany Užhorod
Predseda vlády SR Robert Fico na slávnostnom uvedení plynovodu Vojany-Užhorod s reverzným tokom do komerčnej prevádzky. SITA

Ukrainians cannot expect larger natural gas supplies from Slovakia than those provided via Vojany-Uzhgorod reverse gas pipeline. Prime Minister Robert Fico announced at the conference „Energy Security and Establishing of the Energy Union“ that Slovakia will not provide our eastern neighbours with gas supplies via a reverse main pipe line which is currently used for transporting gas supplies from Russian Gazprom to West Europe. Prime Minister alluded to the announcements of the Ukrainians to stop buying gas from the Russian Federation starting from April.

Full story in Slovak:FICO: Z hlavného plynovodu reverz pre Ukrajincov neurobíme

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