Slovakia no longer country of small-scale hydropower plants

12. januára 2017 7:07

Environment Ministry removed 317 river profiles once selected for the construction of the small hydropower plants from the list.

Vodná elektráreň Dobšiná
Vodné dielo Dobšiná

The boom of the small-scale hydropower plants has been hindered. The Environment Ministry has cancelled the number of the river profiles which met technical conditions for the construction of the small-scale hydropower plants with the capacity up to 10 kW. The cabinet approved the ministry’s proposal today. The first concept for the use of hydropower potential of the Slovak rivers until 2030 was approved by the government led by Iveta Radicova in 2011. The concept identified 375 suitable water profiles for small-scale hydropower plants. The plan was to build renewable sources which would generate 850 GWh of electricity annually until 2030. The current ministry believed this was too ambitious goal and 317 profiles have been removed from the list while only 85 have remained.

Full story in Slovak: Slovensko už nebude krajinou malých vodných elektrární

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