Slovakia has over € 1.3 bln for nuclear waste disposal

1. augusta 2016 14:41

Nuclear facilities operators contributed € 62 million and electricity consumers € 67 million for the back-end fuel cycle.

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Slovakia has over 1.3 billion euros for the nuclear waste disposal. This is the surplus recorded by the National Nuclear Fund (NJF) in its account at the end of 2015. Nuclear facilities operators as well as electricity consumers make a contribution for the back-end fuel cycle. Last year, the fund received more than € 62 million from nuclear facilities operators instead of expected € 67 million. The lower sum can be ascribed to the failure to introduce the third nuclear block in Mochovce into operation as planned, a decline in the actual price of electricity generated at nuclear power plants compared to the electricity price taken into account during budget preparation and a drop in the actual electricity production compared to the value used during budget preparation. Energy consumers paid over € 67 million for the disposal of nuclear waste in their bills last year, by around € 4 million less than projected.

Full story in Slovak: Na likvidáciu jadra máme vyše 1,3 mld. eur

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