Slovakia connected with gas industry for already 160 years

26. apríla 2016 20:22

More than 100 years ago, natural gas and oil deposits were found in Zahorie. Slovakia has mined about 26.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 3.7 million tons of oil and 0.4 million tons of gasoline since the beginning of the hydrocarbons extraction.

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In March 1856, more than two hundred gas lamps supplied with coal gas from municipal gasworks lit up in Bratislava. This moment can be marked as the beginning of the gas industry in Slovakia. Gas industry in Slovakia is celebrating 160 years. „Since then, the Slovak gas industry has turned into a significant industrial and energy sector,“ informed the Slovak Gas and Oil Association. Putting the international gas pipeline Bratstvo into operation in 1967 was another important milestone for the Slovak gas sector.

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