Slovakia-Austria: without electricity interconnection

25. marca 2015 13:15

Slovak transmission network operator Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava plans to invest approximately 564 billion euros in next ten years.

Elektrické vedenie elektrina seps
Ilustračné foto SEPS

The latest 10-year investment plan of the national electricity transmission network operator, Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava (SEPS), does not include the construction of the power lines between Slovakia and Austria. The network calculations as well as analyses do not play in favour of the interconnection between two countries. Moreover, the Slovaks remember a rejecting attitude showed by Austrians in the past. „There were two projects of interconnection of transmission grids observed by Slovakia, however, both were labelled by Austrian transmission network operator as unfeasible due to unfavourable effects on environment,“ SEPS stated in its latest 10-year plan for the network development. There were plans to build interconnection between Stupava and Vienna and between Podunajske Biskupice and Vienna. SEPS plans to invest approximately 564 million euros in increasing existing capacities and carrying out inevitable modernisation of the main parts of the transmission network in the next ten years.

Full story in Slovak:S Rakúskom zostaneme bez elektrického prepojenia

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