Slovak nuclear power plants are reliable and safe

3. apríla 2017 18:49

No serious events occurred at the power plants which would lead to their shutdown.

Atómová elektráreň Jaslovské Bohunice V1
Jadrová elektráreň V1 Jaslovské Bohunice

Slovak nuclear power plants were operated safely and reliably last year, stated the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (UJD) based on its control. „Following the findings of the inspection and assessment activities, we may state that nuclear installations in the Slovak Republic were operated safely and reliably in 2016 without any serious events which would lead to the reduction of their operation or reactor shutdown, respectively shutdown of the nuclear power,“ informed the authority. Last year, the authority carried out 189 inspections at the nuclear power plants, of which 16 ended in the form of the protocol, the others as a record.

Full story in Slovak: ÚJD: Slovenské atómky sú spoľahlivé a bezpečné

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