Slovak-Hungarian pipeline „empty“ for now

8. októbra 2015 16:49

The Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline officially started commercial operation in July 2015. However, gas traders have showed no interest in transporting gas via this new pipeline.

Plyn plynovod eustream
Vonkajšie potrubia kompresorovej stanice Eustream slúžiace na prepravu plynu. SITA

Slovakia and Hungary officially launched the commercial operation of the gas pipeline that connects both countries more than three months ago. The gas pipeline, which connects the Slovak village Velke Zlievce and Hungarian village Vecses on the Budapest suburbs, shall be another step in the path towards the diversification of gas routes for both countries. The Slovakia-Hungary gas interconnector has not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate its importance as the situation on gas supplies market is still. A spokesman for Slovak carrier gas Eustream, Vahram Chuguryan, informed the portal that gas traders had not yet used the Slovak-Hungarian pipeline for gas transport.

Full Story in Slovak: Slovensko-maďarský plynovod je zatiaľ „prázdny“

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