Slovak companies can be calm about electricity supplies

12. augusta 2015 16:28

According to the Slovak power grid operator SEPS, consumption and domestic production in the Slovak grid is balanced also during hot summer days. Slovenske Elektarne has no problems with electricity production.

Elektrické vedenie elektrina seps
Ilustračné foto SEPS

Extremely hot summer days, which hit Slovakia, will certainly affect several sectors of the Slovak economy, including energy companies. However, they are all calm for now. They all agree that they are increasingly tested during the winter heating season. Polish energy companies cannot say this. Electricity supplies to Polish companies have been curbed due to a heat wave. This situation can be ascribed to the capacity losses in the grid caused by problems with cooling of Polish power plants. Slovakia is not under similar threat, states the Slovak power grid operator, Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava (SEPS) as well as the dominant electricity producer, Slovenske Elektrarne.

Full story in Slovak: Slovenské firmy môžu byť pokojné. Svoju elektrinu dostanú.

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