SEPS has no plans to ease up investments in power grid

4. januára 2016 14:57

SEPS plans investments worth almost 87 million euros in 2016.

Elektrické vedenie elektrina seps
Ilustračné foto. SEPS

The company Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava (SEPS) plans to invest in the power grid this year. The head of the communication department at SEPS, Norbert Deak, informed the portal that the company intends to invest almost 87 million euros in 2016. The most significant investment, in terms of the volume, will be continued construction of the structures within the project 2×400 kV lines from Gabcikovo to Velky Dur. The structures are to be completed at the end of 2016. Another significant investment that will begin in 2016 concerns the innovation of the controlling and information system at the Slovak Electro Energy Dispatch Centre in Zilina.

Full story in Slovak: SEPS neplánuje poľaviť v investíciách do prenosovej sústavy

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