Safe storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste

17. mája 2017 17:24

The Nuclear Regulatory Office of the Slovak Republic also looked into the transport of the nuclear material last year. Five transports of fresh nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation to the nuclear power plant in Jaslovske Bohunice and Mochovce took place in Slovakia last year.

Odpad rádioaktívny Mochovce atómová energia
SITA Republikové úložisko rádioaktívnych odpadov v Mochovciach

The storage of spent nuclear fuel as well as radioactive waste is safe and reliable in Slovakia, the Nuclear Supervision Office of the Slovak Republic (UJD) stated in its report on nuclear safety for the year 2016 which the government acknowledged on Wednesday. „Based on the control, we may state that the operation of the spent nuclear fuel interchange and the Slovak Republic repository of radioactive waste was safe with a negligible impact on the environment,“ the authority stated.

Full story in Slovak: Vyhoreté jadrové palivo, ako aj rádioaktívne odpady sme mali skladované bezpečne

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