Safe energy situation in Slovakia in 2016

30. mája 2017 14:24

Slovakia is still almost 90% dependent on primary energy sources imports.

Energetika všeobecne Ilustračné foto

The energy sector was safe in Slovakia last year, states the Report on Safety in the Slovak Republic in 2016. The economy ministry did not record any significant irregularities in supplies of oil, natural gas, nuclear fuel or coal. „No interruptions in supply of final energies, such as electricity, heat or fuels occurred in 2016,“ the report states. Slovakia is still almost 90% dependent on imports of primary energy sources. The country is 100 % dependent on nuclear fuel imports, 98% on natural gas imports, 99% on oil imports and 68% on coal imports. Among primary energy sources in Slovakia are water, brown coal and biomass.

Full story in Slovak: Na Slovensku bola vlani situácia v energetike bezpečná

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