Russia’s policy behind Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

27. novembra 2015 17:12

According to Slovak gas carrier Eustream, halting gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine is just a usual business decision by Ukraine which currently does not need to purchase natural gas from Gazprom.

Plyn plynovod
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Russia’s game over the construction of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is allegedly behind the recent statements of the Russians on halting natural gas supplies to Ukraine and serious risks in connection with gas transportation via Ukraine to Europe during the winter season. „Spreading nervousness and pointing at unreliability of the Ukrainian transit route is to promote the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline which would bypass Ukraine and Slovakia,“ said a spokesman for Slovak gas carrier, Eustream, Vahram Chuguryan.

Full Story in Slovak: Za plynovými vyjadreniami Rusov je údajne hra o Nord Stream2

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