President to turn to Constitutional Court due to regulation

11. októbra 2017 18:04

Economy Minister Peter Ziga says that Slovak President Kiska only wants to cover up his affairs with his questions about the regulation amendment.

SITA Prezident SR Andrej Kiska

Slovak President Andrej Kiska asked the Constitutional Court to look into the amendment to the Act on regulation in network industries. Slovak President is opposed to the change that the Slovak President will no longer appoint and recall the chairperson of the Regulatory Office. Under the amendment, the government will have this power instead which will increase the reliance of the Office’s chairperson on the government and its political pressure. President is not keen on economy ministry or environment ministry’s participation in the selected price proceedings. “Households and employers in Slovakia pay one of the highest electricity prices in Slovakia due to this energy price regulation,“ Kiska thinks.

Full story in Slovak: Prezidentovi sa stále nepáči regulačná novela. Obráti sa na ústavný súd.

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