Power plant Gabcikovo broke MH Manazment management’s neck

12. októbra 2017 15:53

Economy Minister Peter Ziga decided to recall the entire management of the state-owned company MH Manazment due to a 64-million-euro remuneration for the lawyers who won the international litigation over the hydropower plant Gabcikovo.

Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga MH
Minister hospodárstva Peter Žiga (Smer-SD). SITA

Economy Minister Peter Ziga recalled all members of MH Manazment’s Supervisory Board on Thursday due to the case concerning the remuneration for the law firm of Radomir Bzan for winning an international litigation over the hydropower plant Gabcikovo. The Board signed a contract on the remuneration with the aforementioned law firm. Ziga stated at the press conference on Thursday that once the new statutes are modified, the members of the Board of Directors will also lose their posts. „I have decided to hold them responsible. I say that the company MH Manazment acted unprofessionally which resulted in the situation when the remuneration for the advocates is more debated than the fact that the Slovak Republic succeeded in taking over the hydropower plant Gabcikovo,“ Ziga said.

Full story in Slovak: Vodná elektráreň Gabčíkovo zlomila väzy vedeniu firmy MH Manažment

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