PM advises people to tear energy bills

24. januára 2017 5:49

Prime Minister Robert Fico urges people not to pay the bills received in January based on the new energy pricing.

Predseda strany Smer-SD a predseda vlády SR Robert Fico. SITA

The Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) will return fixed and variable fees for electricity and gas to the level seen in 2016. „The new pricing procedure has already started and new pricing decisions will be made on Wednesday, coming into effect as of January 1, 2017. Parameters from the year 2016 will be taken into account,“ Prime Minister Robert Fico said at the briefing in Zlate Moravce on Monday. As he underlined, the government welcomes the decision of the Office to change its decision on energy prices. He says that bills sent in January 2017 are invalid and people should not pay them. Prime Minister showed people what to do with the bills – tear them. „People should not pay anything. Those who have already cleared the bills will have to get a refund from the recipient,“ Fico said.

Full story in Slovak: Premiér naďalej radí odberateľom roztrhať faktúry

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